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I’m Lorraine McCourt and I am passionate about helping people to move towards their goals, whether they are professional or personal.

I help business clients to create a vision for the future, construct practical road maps to navigate through the process of change and develop convincing business cases to secure the necessary finance to deliver projects. I step in when things go wrong, helping to resolve conflict and identifying solutions to get things back on track.

I want to see everyone get the best out of life, free of limiting beliefs and anxieties.

My personal change work is focused entirely on the needs of individual clients, what’s holding them back and the desires and aspirations they have for the future. I help my clients figure out what’s really important to them, create meaningful positive goals, build confidence and achieve more success and happiness.

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6 The Walled Garden, Moira
BT67 0TH

T: 0779 3964266
e: lorraine@lorrainemccourt.com

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